NYU Semantics Group

We are an informal talk series focusing on semantics and related subfields. Meetings take place at 3:30pm on Fridays, in room 103 of 10 Washington Place, unless noted otherwise. Talks are 60 minutes in length, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session.

To contact the organizers or to subscribe to the NYU semantics mailing list, please email semantics-group[at]nyu.edu.

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Spring 2024

  • Wednesday, May 1. 10:00am to 11:30am.
    Milica Denić (Tel Aviv University)
    Semantic typology: Disentangling cognitive from functional explanations abstract

  • Friday, April 26. 12:00pm to 1:30pm.
    Eli Sharf (University of Santa Cruz)
    What appositives can tell us about referential expressions abstract

  • Wednesday, April 17. 10:00am to 11:30am.
    Nina Haslinger (University of Gottingen)
    Using complexity asymmetries to uncover preferences among contextually equivalent meanings abstract

  • Friday, April 12. 12:00pm to 1:30pm.
    Filipe Hisao Kobayashi (University of Pennsylvania)
    Interpreting NPs as predicates of individual conceptsabstract

  • Wednesday, April 3. 10:00am to 11:30am.
    Keny Chatain (Institut Jean Nicod)
    Implicature/presupposition interactions in the neo-Gricean traditionabstract

  • Friday, March 15. 3:30pm to 5:00pm.
    NYU Linguistics Open House

  • Wednesday, March 6. 10:00am to 11:30am.
    Jad Wehbe (MIT)
    Covert reciprocals: a syntactic account of reciprocal alternationsabstract

  • Wednesday, February 28. 10:00am to 11:30am.
    Yimei Xiang (Rutgers)
    A variable-free approach to composing questionsabstract

  • Wednesday, February 21. 10:00am to 11:30am.
    Andrea Beltrama (University of Pennsylvania)
    When is a pizza acceptable? In search of the grammar of mild assessments. abstract

Fall 2023

  • Friday, December 1. 2:00pm to 3:30pm.
    Benjamin Spector (CNRS)
    Reasoning with Quantifiers, Lewisian Imaging and the Confirmation Paradoxabstract

  • Friday, November 3. 3:30pm - 5:00pm.
    Anna Szabolcsi (NYU)
    Recent explanations of universals of the logical vocabulary: the case for communicative efficiencyabstract

  • Thursday, October 12. 12:30pm - 2:00pm.
    Maria Aloni (University of Amsterdam)
    (Non-)specificity across languages (joint work with Marco Degano)abstract
    This talk will take place in the 4th floor Syntax-Semantics lounge.


Spring 2023

  • Tuesday, May 16. 12:30pm-2:00pm.
    Yoad Winter (Utrecht University)
    Countability and measurement in comparativesabstract

  • Tuesday, May 9. 9am-10am.
    Omar Agha (NYU)
    How to Ignore Counterexamples: Homogeneity Across Times and Worldsabstract

  • Friday, May 5. 3:30pm-5:00pm.
    Prerna Nadathur (Ohio State University)
    Modeling progress: causal models and the imperfective paradoxabstract

  • Friday, April 21. 3:30pm-5:00pm.
    Yael Sharvit (UCLA)
    Local presupposition accommodation and the symmetry of disjunctionabstract

  • Friday, April 14. 10am-11:30pm.
    Florian Schwarz (University of Pennsylvania)
    Presupposition Projection and Linear Order: Conjunction, Disjunction, and Beyondabstract

  • Friday, February 24. 10am-11:30pm.
    Amir Anvari (MIT)
    Origins of Conservativity in Principles of Presupposition Projectionabstract

Fall 2022

  • Friday, November 18. 3:30pm-5:00pm. (Virtual)
    Jess Law (UC Santa Cruz)
    To perform or not to performabstract

  • Friday, November 4. 3:30pm-5:00pm.
    Nigel Flower (NYU)
    Witnesses and Existential Disclosureabstract

  • Friday, October 7. 3:30pm-5:00pm.
    Zhuoye Zhao (NYU)
    Mandarin le as a quantificational past-tense morphemeabstract

Spring 2022

  • Friday, June 3. 10:15am-11:15am.
    SALT practice talks
    Linmin Zhang (NYU Shanghai): The presupposition of evenabstract

  • Friday, May 27. 2:00pm-3:30pm, in person @ Room 103
    Klaus von Heusinger (University of Cologne):Discourse dynamics of weak definitesabstract

  • Friday, May 20. 10:15am-11:45am.
    SALT practice talks
    Omar Agha (NYU) & Paloma Jeretič (ZAS Berlin): Weak necessity modals as homogeneous definite pluralsabstract
    Paloma Jeretič (ZAS Berlin): Neg-raising with think as a scaleless implicature

  • Friday, Mar 25. 10:15-11:45am.
    Lisa Hofmann (UC Santa Cruz)
    Sentential Discourse-Negativity abstract

  • Thursday, March 3. 10:15-11:45am.
    Room 202, 5 Washington Pl (NYU Department of Philosophy)
    Lucas Champollion (NYU)
    Negative events and truthmaker semantics abstract handout

  • Friday, Feb 11. 10:15-11:45am.
    Will Merrill (NYU)
    Distributional Learnability of Entailment: Preliminary Theoretical Results abstract

Fall 2021

  • Friday, October 1. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Sebastian Schuster (NYU)
    Discourse entity tracking in neural language models (and humans) abstract

  • Friday, September 17. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Christopher Tancredi (Keio University)
    A One-world I-semantics for Belief Attribution abstract

Spring 2021

  • Friday, May 14. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Justin Bledin (Johns Hopkins)
    Composing Truthmakers (or: Rethinking the Logical Connectives from a N.Y. State Space of Mind)) abstract

  • Friday, April 16. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Ioana Grosu (NYU)
    Possible worlds in Children's Counterfactual Judgments abstract

  • Friday, April 9. 12:00-1:30pm. Zoom meeting.
    Dorothy Ahn (Rutgers)
    The D-2 Theory: A competition-based account of definite expressions

  • Friday, March 26. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Alexandre Cremers (Vilnius University/ENS, Paris)
    Testing Bayesian models of exhaustivity abstract

  • Friday, March 5. 12:00-1:30pm. Zoom meeting.
    Omar Agha (NYU)
    How to ignore counterexamples: Epistemic Sobel sequences and Sufficient Truth abstract

  • Friday, February 12. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Craige Roberts (OSU/Rutgers)
    Imperatives in a dynamic pragmatics abstract

  • Friday, January 29. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Adina Williams (Facebook)
    Unnatural Language Inference abstract

Fall 2020

  • Friday, November 20. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Haoze Li (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)
    Relative measurement and scope abstract

  • Friday, November 13. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Hadil Karawani (Konstanz)
    How to derive "you should" from "I would" abstract

  • Friday, October 9. 1:30-3:15pm. Zoom meeting.
    Patrick Elliott (MIT)
    Crossover and the dynamics of negation abstract

  • Friday, September 11. 2:00-3:30pm. Zoom meeting.
    (No presentation)

Spring 2020

  • Friday, May 22. 1:30-3:00pm. Zoom meeting.
    Virginia Dawson (UC Berkeley)
    Deriving obligatory narrow scope disjunction abstract

  • Friday, May 8. 1:30-3:00pm. Zoom meeting.
    Haoze Li (NYU)
    Reference to dependencies in multiple-wh questions abstract

  • Friday, May 1. 12:00-1:30pm. Zoom meeting.
    Harvey Lederman (Princeton)
    Fine-grained semantics for attitude reports abstract

  • Friday, Apr 17. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Masha Esipova (Princeton)
    On iconicity, at-issueness, and composition in pictures abstract

  • Friday, Apr 10. 10:15-11:45am. Zoom meeting.
    Paper discussion: Scope inversion and priming handout
    Chemla & Bott (2015) and Feiman, Maldonaldo & Snedeker (2020)

  • Friday, Mar 6. 1:30-3:00pm. Room 104.
    Donka Farkas (UC Santa Cruz)
    Canonical and non-canonical speech acts abstract

Fall 2019

  • Friday, Nov 8. 10:15-11:45am.
    Paloma Jeretič (NYU)
    Strengthening and scalemate association in the modal domain abstract

  • Friday, Oct 11. 10:30am-1:00pm.
    Donka Farkas (UCSC/Princeton)
    Uses of cross-linguistic semantics abstract

Spring 2019

  • Thursday, May 23. 12:00pm.
    Jacopo Romoli (Ulster)
    Homogeneity or implicature: an experimental approach abstract

  • Wednesday, May 8. 3:30pm.
    Simon Charlow (Rutgers)
    Local contexts in ellipsis abstract

  • Friday, May 3. 12:00pm.
    Friederike Moltmann (CNRS/NYU)
    The Core-Periphery Distinction in Syntax, Semantics, and Natural Language Ontology abstract

  • Friday, April 26. 12:00pm.
    Aurore Gonzalez (Harvard)
    Question-Answer Clauses: relation to focus abstract

  • Thursday, April 25. 11:00am. 4th floor lounge.
    Linmin Zhang (NYU Shanghai)
    Split semantics for non-monotonic quantifiers in than-clauses abstract

  • Friday, April 19. 10:15am.
    Veneeta Dayal (Yale)
    The Fine Structure of the Interrogative Left Periphery abstract

  • Friday, March 1. 10:15am.
    Sunwoo Jeong (Princeton)
    Deriving dual dimensions of bias: preposed negation questions with even-type expressions abstract

Winter 2019

  • Monday, January 7. 12:00pm.
    Ciyang Qing (Stanford)
    A modular approach to focus intervention effects abstract

Fall 2018

  • Friday, December 14. 10:15am.
    Haoze Li (NYU)
    A dynamic approach to short answers: A case study of Mandarin wh-conditionals abstract

  • Friday, December 7. 10:15am.
    Lucas Champollion, Anna Alsop, and Ioana Grosu (NYU)
    Free choice as a rational speech act abstract

  • Friday, November 30. 10:15am.
    Ekaterina Vostrikova (UMass)
    Phrasal and Clausal Exceptive-Additive Constructions Crosslinguistically abstract

  • Friday, November 9. 10:15am.
    Anna Szabolcsi (NYU)
    Unconditionals and free choice abstract

  • Friday, September 14. 10:15am.
    Jess H.-K. Law (Rutgers)
    Binominal each measures distributivity abstract

  • Friday, September 21. 12:30pm. Room 104.
    Joshua Knobe (Yale), in conjunction with Philippe Schlenker's seminar
    The Statistical, the Prescriptive, and the Undifferentiated. abstract

  • Tuesday, September 25. 1:45pm. Room 104.
    Yimei Xiang (Rutgers)
    A hybrid categorial approach of question composition. abstract

  • Friday, September 28. 10:15am.
    Sascha Alexeyenko (Göttingen)
    On Events, Habituals, and Generalized Quantifiers. abstract

  • Friday, October 26. 1:45pm.
    Alex Warstadt (NYU)
    Just refuses to answer the QUD abstract

Summer 2018

  • Tuesday, May 15. 12pm. Room 104.
    Amir Anvari (Jean-Nicod)
    Context-shift in Farsi, and the Ban Against Illeism abstract

  • Tuesday, May 15. 2pm. Room 104.
    Thom van Gessel (ILLC)
    Pair-list readings in Inquisitive Semantics abstract

Spring 2018

  • Monday, January 22. 12:30pm. 4th floor lounge.
    Hanzhi Zhu (MIT)
    Already, just scalarity abstract

  • Friday, March 23. 10:15am.
    Paul Pietroski (Rutgers)
    Confronting Existential Angst abstract

  • Friday, March 23. 1:45pm.
    Paloma Jeretič (NYU)
    Structured Questions abstract

  • Friday, April 13. 10:15am.
    Adina Williams (NYU)
    Representing Thematic Relations: Reconciling Neuroimaging Data with Formal Semantic Theory (Data Discussion) abstract

  • Friday, April 27. 10:15am.
    Ailís Cournane (NYU)
    Possibilities & Necessities: Acquiring the force dimension of modals abstract

Fall 2017

  • Friday, December 15. 10:15am.
    Hadas Kotek (NYU)
    Some Issues with Sluicing as Anaphora to Issues abstract

Summer 2017

  • Tuesday, May 16. 11am.
    Deniz Ozyildiz (UMass)
    Factivity alternations in Turkish abstract

  • Tuesday, May 16. 12:45pm.
    Linmin Zhang (Concordia)
    Ambiguous than-clauses and the mention-some reading abstract

  • Monday, May 22. 1:30pm.
    Halley Young (NYU)
    Formal Syntax and Semantics of Music abstract

  • Tuesday, May 23. 12pm.
    Prerna Nadathur (Stanford)
    Causality, aspect, and modality in actuality inferences abstract

  • Wednesday, August 30. 11am.
    Masha Esipova (NYU)
    Focus on what's not at issue: gestures, presuppositions, supplements under Contrastive Focus (SuB 22 practice talk) abstract

Spring 2017

  • Friday, February 10. 10:15am.
    Jeremy Kuhn (Institut Jean Nicod)
    Plurality and dependency: the view from sign language abstract

  • Friday, March 24. 10:15am.
    Sonia Kasyanenko (NYU)
    The Russian Comitative Construction as Relational-Noun Coordination abstract

  • Friday, April 7. 12pm.
    Peter Klecha (Swarthmore)
    Double Access is Due to Imprecision abstract

  • Friday, April 14. 12pm.
    Ai Taniguchi (Michigan State)
    Exclamatives in discourse abstract

  • Friday, April 21. 12pm.
    Elena Musi (Columbia)
    How did you change my view? A corpus-based study of consessions' persuasive role abstract

Fall 2016

  • Thursday, September 8. 3:30pm. 4th floor lounge.
    Paolo Santorio (Leeds)
    Stability: computing alternatives in conditional antecedents abstract

  • Wednesday, September 14. 10:30am. 4th floor lounge. (in conjunction with Philippe Schlenker's seminar on meaning in speech, sign, and gesture)
    Matthew Stone (Rutgers)
    Interpreting Multimodal Communicative Action abstract

  • Friday, September 16. 10:15am.
    WooJin Chung (NYU)
    Decomposing Permission and Obligation: Evidence from Korean abstract

  • Monday, September 26. 3:30pm. (in conjunction with Philippe Schlenker's seminar on meaning in speech, sign, and gesture)
    Gabe Greenberg (UCLA)
    The Structure of Visual Content abstract

  • Friday, September 30. 10:15am.
    Dipanjan Das (Google)
    Two Statistical Case Studies in Semantic Inference abstract

  • Friday, October 7. 11am.
    Masha Esipova (NYU)
    Contrast and distributivity in the semantics of alternation (NELS practice talk) abstract

  • Wednesday, October 12. 10am. 4th floor lounge. (in conjunction with Philippe Schlenker's seminar on meaning in speech, sign, and gesture)
    Natasha Abner (Montclair)
    Language Emergence and the Gesture-(Sign) Language Continuum abstract

  • Thursday, October 20. 12:30pm. 4th floor lounge.
    Koen Roelandt (CRISSP/KU Leuven)
    The Internal Logic of Adjectival Lexical Fields abstract

  • Friday, October 21. 10:15am.
    Sam Al Khatib (CUNY GC) and Yael Sharvit (UCLA)
    A new puzzle about ellipsis: evidence from tense embedding abstract

  • Friday, November 4. 10:15am.
    Diti Bhadra (Rutgers)
    Evidentials in Biased Questions abstract

  • Friday, November 4.
    Simon Charlow (Rutgers)
    Alternatives, and alternative semantics abstract slides

  • Monday, November 7. 3:30pm.
    Curt Anderson (Düsseldorf)
    Non-canonical uses of some abstract

  • Friday, November 18. 10:15am.
    Kata Wohlmuth (Pompeu Fabra)
    The collective-distributive ambiguity — a view from the corpus abstract

  • Friday, December 9. 10:15am.
    Daniel Hoek (NYU Philosophy)
    Conversational Exculpature and Loose Talk abstract

  • Friday, December 16. 10:15am.
    Veneeta Dayal (Rutgers)
    Local and Long-distance abstract

Summer 2016

  • Wednesday, June 29. 11am.
    Barry Schein (USC)
    Overview of the forthcoming book 'And': Conjunction Reduction Redux prospectus

  • Wednesday, July 6. 11am.
    Barry Schein (USC)
    DP and PredP coordination (chapters 2–7 of the forthcoming book 'And': Conjunction Reduction Redux prospectus)

  • Thursday, July 7. 4pm.
    Yoad Winter (Utrecht)
    Lexical reciprocity, logical symmetry, and protopredicates abstract

  • Wednesday, August 24. 3:30pm.
    Haoze Li (NYU)
    Event-related relative measurement abstract
    Linmin Zhang (NYU)
    Modified numerals revisited: the cases of fewer than 4 and between 4 and 8 abstract

Spring 2016

  • Friday, February 5. 10:15am.
    Hannah Rohde (Edinburgh)
    The context of alternatives abstract

  • Friday, February 12. 1:30pm. Room 104.
    Dylan Bumford (NYU)
    Split-scope definites: How 'the' can mean two things at once abstract

  • Friday, April 15. 10:15am.
    Thony Gillies (Rutgers)
    A problem about preference abstract

  • Monday, May 2. 3:30pm. (in conjunction with Chris Barker's Semantics II)
    Daniel Büring (Vienna)
    Unalternative Semantics abstract

  • Wednesday, May 4. 2pm.
    Chris Cummins (Edinburgh)
    Being rational with expressions of number abstract

  • Friday, May 6. 10:15am.
    Lucas Champollion (NYU)
    Homogeneity in donkey sentences abstract

Fall 2015

  • Friday, September 18. 10:15am.
    Haoze Li (NYU) and Jess Law (Rutgers).
    Alternatives in different dimensions: A case study of focus intervention abstract slides

  • Friday, September 25. 10:15am.
    Rob Pasternak (Stony Brook).
    Gradable modality: Putting degrees in the ordering source abstract

  • Friday, October 2. 10:15am.
    Itamar Kastner (NYU).
    Reciprocals reciprocalize themselves but reflexives reflexivize each other abstract

  • Friday, October 9. 2:00pm.
    Simon Charlow (Rutgers).
    Monadic dynamic semantics for anaphora abstract

  • Friday, October 23. 10:15am.
    Lelia Glass (Stanford).
    A foray into the lexical semantics of distributivity abstract handout

  • Tuesday, October 27. 1-3pm. Room 205.
    Daisuke Bekki and Ribeka Tanaka (Ochanomizu)

  • Friday, October 30. 10:15am. Room 104.
    Yael Sharvit (UCLA).
    Comparing theories of Sequence of Tense abstract

  • Friday, November 20. 10:15am.
    Una Stojnic (Rutgers)
    Modality, Coherence and Logic abstract

  • Thursday, December 3. 11:00am.
    Linmin Zhang (NYU)
    Comparatives revisited: Downward-entailing differentials do not threaten encapsulation theories abstract
    Jeff Lin (NYU)
    An Inquisitive Semantics Analysis for Chinese Polar Question Particle abstract

Spring 2015

  • Friday, February 6. 3:30pm, Room 104.
    Jeremy Kuhn (NYU).
    Meaning in space: singulars, plurals, and functions in American Sign Language abstract

  • Friday, March 27. 10:15am, Room 103.
    Tim Sundell (Kentucky) and David Plunkett (Dartmouth).
    Metalinguistic Negotiation abstract

  • Tuesday, April 28. 3:30pm, Room 104 (in conjunction with Anna Szabolcsi's seminar on questions).
    Maria Aloni (ILLC).
    Introduction to conceptual covers, puzzles of belief attribution

  • Wednesday, April 29. 1:30pm
    Linmin Zhang (NYU). abstract

  • Tuesday, May 5. 3:30pm, Room 104 (in conjunction Anna Szabolcsi's seminar on questions).
    Maria Aloni (ILLC).
    Concealed questions under conceptual covers

  • Wednesday, May 6. 1:30pm.
    Alexandre Cremers (ENS).
    Plurality effects with embedded questions and exhaustive readings abstract

  • Tuesday, May 12. 3:30pm, Room 104 (in conjunction Anna Szabolcsi's seminar on questions).
    Maria Aloni (ILLC).
    Epistemic indefinites and methods of identification

  • Friday, May 15. 10:15am.
    Masha Esipova (NYU).
    Coordinate distributivity in Russian and other languages abstract

  • Thursday, May 21.
    Workshop: The Music/Language Connection website

  • Wednesday, May 27.
    Workshop: Sign Language Meaning and Cognition website

  • Friday, June 26. 11am.
    Jeremy Kuhn (NYU).
    Dependent indefinites in dynamic plural logic abstract

Fall 2014

  • Friday, September 26. 10:15am.
    Jeff Lin (NYU).
    An Inquisitive Semantics Treatment of Question Particles abstract

  • Monday, September 29 (in conjunction with Philippe Schlenker's seminar on cross-modal semantics). 4:45pm.
    Kathryn Davidson (Yale).
    Role shift, iconicity, and quotation abstract

  • Friday, October 10. 10:15am.
    Linmin Zhang (NYU).
    Decomposing English 'and' and 'or'

  • Friday, October 17. 10:15am.
    Joshua Knobe (Yale).
    The Psychological Representation of Modality abstract

  • Friday, October 24. 10:15am.
    Marta Castella (Utrecht).
    Bare Predicates and Extrinsic Properties abstract

Spring 2014

  • Friday, January 31. 12pm, Room 103 (at the Syntax Brown Bag).
    Heather Burnett (Montréal).
    Diachronic Investigations into Compositional Semantics: The Rise and Fall of Resultative Secondary Predication Constructions in the History of French abstract

  • Friday, February 7. 3pm, Room 104.
    Simon Charlow (NYU).
    What's exceptional about indefiniteness abstract

  • Friday, March 7. 11am (in conjunction with NYU's Open House).
    Dylan Bumford (NYU).
    Universal quantification as iterated conjunction abstract

  • Friday, March 28. 10:15am.
    Manuel Križ (Vienna).
    Musings on Homogeneity and Non-Maximality abstract handout

  • Friday, April 4. 10:15am.
    Orin Percus (Nantes).
    Unpronounced indexicality abstract

  • Friday, May 9. 10:15am.
    Eva Poortman (Utrecht).
    Typicality Effects and Plural Predication abstract

  • Friday, May 16. 10:15am.
    Sam Alxatib (CUNY).
    Only and association with negative antonyms abstract

  • Friday, May 23. 10:15am.
    Philippe Schlenker (NYU, CNRS).
    Super Monsters: Role Shift and Context Shift Revisited abstract
    paper I paper II

Fall 2013

  • Friday, October 18. 10:15am, Room 103. Jay Atlas (Pomona).
    'Few', 'A Few', and 'Only' Noun Phrases, Non-Monotonic Quantifiers, and Negative Polarity Items excerpt handout manuscript

  • Friday, October 25. 10:15am. Salvador Mascarenhas (NYU).
    Interpreting the conjunction fallacy abstract

  • Friday, December 6. 10:15am, Room 103. Kristina Liefke (LMU).
    A Single-Type Semantics for Natural Language abstract slides

  • Thursday, December 13. 10:15am. Thomas Icard (CMU).
    Determining What Follows From What: Two Case Studies abstract

Spring 2013

  • Friday, February 8. 1pm. Igor Yanovich (MIT).
    The secret history of 'must' abstract

  • Friday, February 22. 10:45am. Linmin Zhang (NYU).
    A rate analysis of the binominal 'each' abstract

  • Friday, March 8. 10:45am. Simon Charlow (NYU).
    Ellipsis really is binding abstract

  • Friday, March 15. 10:45am. Jeremy Kuhn (NYU).
    ASL loci: Variables or features? abstract

  • Friday, March 29. 10:45am. David Erschler (Tübingen).
    Deriving clause-internal left periphery abstract

  • Friday, April 19. 10:45am. Dylan Bumford (NYU).
    Quantifier-Internal Anaphora and Generalized Association with Distributivity

  • Tuesday, May 7. 1:45pm, Room 104 (in conjunction with Chris Barker's seminar on adjectives). Timothy Leffel (NYU).

  • Friday, May 17. 10:45am. Lucas Champollion (NYU).
    Quantification and negation in event semantics abstract

  • Friday, May 24. 2pm, Room 103. David Beaver (UT Austin).

Fall 2012

  • Friday, October 5. 11am. Timothy Leffel (NYU), collab. with Radek Šimík and Marta Wierzba (Potsdam).
    Information structure and pronominal morphology in Basa'a (NELS prep)

  • Friday, October 12. 11am. Hanna de Vries (Utrecht).
    Sums, higher-order entities, and two kinds of distributivity

  • Thursday, October 18. 11am, Room 103. Hazel Pearson (ZAS Berlin).
    Logophoric pronouns are not obligatorily de se: evidence from Ewe

  • Friday, October 26. 11am. Dag Westerståhl (Stockholm), collab. with Stanley Peters (Stanford).
    On the semantics of possessives

  • Tuesday, November 27. 2:30pm. Salvador Mascarenhas (NYU).

  • Friday, November 30. 1pm. Allyson Ettinger (NYU) and Sophia Malamud (Brandeis).
    Mandarin utterance-final particle ba and conversational goals

  • Friday, December 14. 11am. Ivano Ciardelli (Amsterdam/ILLC).
    An inquisitive perspective on meaning abstract